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Sustainable leadership of tomorrow

Why Sustainable Leadership of Tomorrow

We live in a constantly changing world, where it is becoming more difficult to anticipate events or predict how they will unfold. Our world is more complex than ever and choosing the single right path is almost impossible.

The demands on modern organisations and management are more contradictory and paradoxical than ever, challenging our personal value systems to the core.

Your Executive Advisor

Sustainable Leadership of Tomorrow is valuable for every organisation, board, leader or high potential who wants to develop and prepare for the future to stay relevant.

As your Executive Advisor, it is my task to unfold your sustainable zone for development and performance. I help you understand your own resources and the implications of certain behaviors, so you can develop solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Sustainable Leadership of Tomorrow will support you in accelerating your ability to reach your career goals. The focus will be on you, your organisation, your role as a leader and your long-term development.


Each individual course is tailored to your individual personality and the target areas where you want to improve performance.

I have developed a methodology combining business culture research, test and interactions that allow you to work on values, strengths, and blind spots. You will throughout the course work on your own Sustainable Leadership Manifesto and the process will empower you to grow effectively and with authenticity.

I use tests in the processes to validate the profile of the individual leader. Sustainable Leadership of Tomorrow is based on the Hogan Assessment System personality test for both individuals and groups.

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