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“Pia makes a significant difference for the organisations and leaders she engages with – I have personally experienced it “firsthand”. She has the toolbox, the energy, the intellect and not least a very special musical sense of why an organisation works the way it does and how its potential is unfolded in a concrete and coherent way. I can only give my best recommendations.”

Tonny Thierry Andersen
Member of the Executive Board at Nykredit

“Pia possesses a rarely found, genuine interest in developing and transforming human beings. Having a natural talent of knowing what is needed, Pia elevates individuals to new heights and take executive leadership teams to the next level. Meeting Pia you instantly sense her presence, passion and perseverance – traits she eloquently combines with her own solid executive management acumen and experience. You could not be better off, but in the hands of Aarestrup Executive.“

Maria Lund Sydtoft
HR Manager, Chr. Hansen

Working with Pia during my outplacement journey was a game-changer. Her unique ability to understand both individuals and organizations is truly remarkable. With genuine empathy and relevant tools, Pia provided invaluable insights and support, guiding me through a remarkable and challenging period. She celebrated my successes and offered unwavering support during tough times. Pia's expertise and personalized approach make her an indispensable ally in any professional transition. I highly recommend her as an outplacement coach – a true partner in navigating career changes with confidence and success.

Ditte Rude Moncur
SVP Technology & Operations, IFU

Pia can unleash the talent in people with her insightful guidance. She has experience from several top management teams, and she has a very special understanding of people and business. Her X-ray vision and focus on making others better is a cocktail of best-in-class competencies. With Aarestrup Executive, her competencies will be further brought into play and strengthen others in realizing their talents. I can only give my very best recommendations!”

Maria Hjorth
Board Professional

“Few people are able in a very short time to create such a safe and open space as Pia does. Her way of approaching a conversation and you as a human being opens up a flow of self-reflection that makes you ask yourself the right questions. I still remember my first meeting with Pia years ago, and I have on several occasions used that experience in conversations with others. I always look forward to my conversations with Pia, and I can only give my warmest recommendation!”

Pelle Pedersen
Chief Impact & Growth